Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Skill Or Competitive Idiots.

This blog holds a special place in my heart, so I appreciate comments in advance (hint hint). Today I was playing on PartyPoker.net (yes I know, a 15 year old playing poker against more skilled people all around the world.) and entered a tournament. It was just a play money tournament, nothing with real chips (for I would be out a fairly big amount of money right now.) The buy in was a measly 33 "chips". At three o'clock it began.

I played for one hour, two, and I was working my way towards a full three. The tournament started with 1340 players, and at this point it was down to ten. I, a 15 year old boy taking on people from all over, managed to make a final table. Naturally, I was excited, but in second place I wanted more. In a hand that would put me around a million chips and only 600K behind the leader(this guy was cruising), I had two pair. A fellow finalist went all in with 250K. I naturally called, and a river card gave him a straight. I was crippled down to 700K. The next hand i hit trip nines on the flop. After the turn my opponent went all in with 400K, and had two pair Queens and nines. The river came....a queen. Now I was down to 300K, and a very grim outlook (Multiple "you got screwed" comments flowed in).

I fought and crawled and worked it down to nine, then eight, seven, six, five, four. Back I was with around 700K. Then there was three, and shortly after two. I was in the final two, but a 5:2 chip underdog. I would eventually lose to the guy that led most of the tournament, but I got thinking. 'How do I manage to finish ahead of 1338 other people in second.' I barely play poker.

Is this my calling, or just luck from other idiots. Most likely a combination of skill and stupidity from others did it, but nonetheless I was proud to say I was runner up in a tournament of around 1450 people. Say what you want but I still think that it is impressive.

Side Note: My father's best ever finish in a tournament was 3rd.

After word: I understand this is more of a memior than a blog, but I was really proud of this and wanted to share it.


  1. Remind me not to bet with you this afternoon.

  2. are you going to be at the graduation party?

  3. Yeah. Leaving in half an hour or so. Also, I note you've chosen to define "Sports" as "Anything shown on ESPN." And while I disagree on that point, at least you avoided choosing anything featuring Skip Bayless or, God help us, Bill Plaschke.