Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mission: World Series, 2010

Spring is in the air, and that means that for the annual swing-and-miss baseball predictions (pun unintended, but looks good there). Run down through the divisions, regular season awards, made-up awards, then postseason predictions.

National League:

To be honest, I have no idea about this division whatsoever. Why should I care about the opposite league on the opposite coast. I'm picking the Giants because they have Tim Lincecum.
2. Colorado
3. Los Angeles
4. Arizona
5. Padres.

Yeah, I did pick Pittsburgh to come out as the wild card last year, but that mistake won't happen again. I also picked the Cubs to win the division. I'm picking the modest Reds because...well I've learned that nothing good ever happens for the Cubs.
2. St Louis
3. Milwaukee
4. Chicago
5. Pittsburgh, not last!
6. Houston

This division has had the National League representative come out of it twice in the last two years, and both times it was the Phillies. They've only gotten better by adding Roy Halladay, so there is no reason they can't make it again, winning the division by at least 5 games.
2. Florida
3. Atlanta
4. Washington gets over the fifth place hump
5. The Mets: Take That

Colorado, Saint Louis, and Florida grind it out for the Wild Card, but Hanley Ramirez is to much, and puts the Marlins in the postseason.

American League:

The Mariners have quietly been getting better, and the addition of Cliff Lee could put them over the top. However, the Angels, like always will have a strangle hold on the division. Angels by 3 games.
2. Seattle
3. Texas
4. Oakland

I really hope Kansas City manages to finally do something, because I'm sick of hearing how bad they are, plus Zach Greinke is too good to be on a terrible team for his entire career. Minnesota wins the division.
2. Detroit
3. Chicago (OZZY)
4. Kansas City (see, they managed to not be last)
5. Cleveland

And now to the creme de la creme, the best division in baseball, the UEFA Champions League of baseball (I went there), the only division anyone reading this cares about: the East:

The Red Sox added a lot of unsung talent this offseason, look for Marco Scutaro and Adrian Beltre to thrive. The Yankees didn't do much, but hey, as World Series Champs, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (that sentence did break the Guinness world record for most commas). Toronto lost Roy Halladay, Toronto lost any unrealistic chance. Baltimore is Baltimore. And a lot of people like the Rays because of Longoria and Price. Here's the deal: Longoria, fine, but a young pitcher on a mediocre team, in a division with the best two teams in baseball, the best division overall, spells trouble. I realistically see both the Red Sox and the Yankees winning 100 games this season, but in the end the Sox pitching, defense, and writer's bias gets it done.
2. New York
3. Tampa Bay
4. Toronto
5. Baltimore

Wild Card: Like I said, the Yankees could still win 100

Regular Season Awards:
Skipping ROY because I can't think of any rookies.

AL: Francona
NL: Dusty Baker, CIN

Cy Young
NL: Roy Halladay
AL: Cliff Lee
(no coincidence)

NL: Hanley Ramirez
AL: Mauer repeats

The Made-Up Awards
Best Name: Elvis Andrus
Most Injury Prone: Rafael Furcal; Yeah! He is still playing!
Surprise Player: Marco Scutaro
Most Likely to Leave Red Sox due to Mother buying a shirt: Jacoby Ellsbury (I'll do everything in my power)

Post Season:

National League Division Series:
(E)PHI vs. (C) CIN: Philly is way too good, easy 3 game sweep
(W)SF vs. (WC)FLA: It isn't hard to make it out of the West, it isn't good; The East is. FLA in 5

American League Division Series:
(E)BOS vs. (W)LAA: Yeah, it is happening again. Sox return to sweeping the Angels
(C)MIN vs. (WC)NYY: The Yankees are too good, and the Central isn't (kinda like the NL West) Yankees sweep as well.

Both LCS' are division foes:

National League Championship Series:
(E)PHI vs. (WC)FLA: The NL East sends a team from their league to the World Series, it's just a different team this time. The illustrious reign is over, Florida in 7.

American League Championship Series:
(E)BOS vs. (WC)NYY: One of the greatest playoff series of all time. Bottom of the ninth, Game 7, 5-5 tie, runner on second: Scutaro knocks in the game winning run! Yeah I'm riding the back of Scutaro. Wanna fight?

So here we are, the 2010 World Series, the Marlins for the first time since '03, look to stay perfect in franchise history in the Series. The Red Sox look for #3 in 7 years, and #8 overall. They sure as hell get it done, with Beckett shutting down his old team in Game 5.

World Series MVP: Marco Scutaro, of course.
Side note: AL wins All-Star Game again to claim home-field.

So there you have it, my MLB season predictions. Comments, Questions accepted. Now looking forward to the picks of my good cousin.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Summing up the NFL Season before XLIV

"God I hate Brett Favre. Biggest. Attention whore. Ever. Shut up and go away, you sub-average quarterback. Last year you were handily outplayed by Seneca Wallace.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, you do realize that Houston is totally going to screw you over here, right? I do. I picked Matt Schaub for my fantasy team, and am just waiting for him to break. It's coming. Otherwise, I don't know all that much about football, so I guess I'll trust you. This time"

This was said by none other than Mike Hollar. This just proves his last statement that he doesn't know all that much about football. Brett Favre was anything but sub-average this season, leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship. And Matt Schaub probably propelled you into the top of your league. While Houston didn't make the playoffs, they recorded the franchises first winning record, and were a Indianapolis or Cincinnati non-surrender against the Jets from making the playoffs as the six seed, as I predicted. That being said, we will assume that Houston was in fact the six seed and the Jets and @sshole Rex Ryan (this will likely be referred to later) didn't make the playoffs.

This season featured a host of things that can not be forgotten. It starts off with practically everyone's favorite (including the genius typing) the Patriots at 2-2. No one was quite sure. I however, bitched about it all season, saying they have no secondary, and have a terrible third down defense. It got to the point where I couldn't watch them on defense anymore.

There is the story book run of the Saints that is still alive. Drew Brees leading his monstrous offense into the Super Bowl. The Jets coming from nowhere and shocking the world, advancing to the AFC Championship.

Records were set. Feats were achieved. Chris Johnson hit 2,000. Kudos. Josh Cribbs returned two kickoffs in one game. Congrats. Jerome Harrison was ten yards shy of Adrian Peterson's record of 296 rushing yards in one game. Here's your prize, some oxygen. Wes Welker received 100 Tom Brady passes again for the third straight year. Sorry:

Unfortunately that same Wes Welker, suffered a serious injury, and is questionable for the start of NEXT season:

Then, the playoffs came around.

Here I would like to note my preseason predictions. In the NFC I picked Atlanta, Minnesota, Seattle, Philadelphia, and as Wild Cards New Orleans and the Giants. Three teams right in the Vikings, Eagles, and Saints. Three big disappointments in the Falcons, Seahawks, and Giants.

In the AFC I had New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Indianapolis, Miami, and Houston. Three right in the Patriots, the Chargers, and the Colts. Two wrong in the Steelers and the Dolphins. And one BS which I am calling right in the Texans. Overall, 7 for 12 on playoff teams.

The Wild Card Round was full of shocks and good games as the Jets steamrolled the Bengals, the Cowboys got of the snide and beat the Eagles, Baltimore shocked New England (to my dismay), and in what I find to be the game of the postseason, maybe year (over Vikings-Saints), the Cardinals won on a fluke play over the Packers, 51-45 in OT.

Going into the Divisional Round, I had 1 correct team, the Colts, in the AFC, and 2, New Orleans and Minnesota (who unfortunately I had against each other), in the NFC. The Vikings took care of the Cowboys, and the Colts had no problem with the Ravens. New Orleans drubbed Arizona. And in one of the most shocking Cinderella stories, the Jets squeaked by the Chargers.

Heading into Conference Championship weekend, many remember that the last time he played in it, he dropped 81. No not Peyton, but Kobe, against the Raptors. This Conference Championship weekend, he played the Raptors. However he disappointed me, much like my picks.

Zero in the AFC, and just the Saints in the NFC. Indianapolis ended New York's storybook run, and Brett Favre fell just short again, leading me to believe a retirement is in the future, only to come out of it and join the 49ers.

That brings us to today, a match up that has most of the country excited. The two teams who went 13-0 and 14-0, the Saints and Colts respectively. I had neither team here, but instead the Pats and Falcons. Good picks, huh? Well, my picks are generally wrong. So here it is, in hopes that the Saints win, INDIANAPOLIS 3, NEW ORLEANS 2. (this, in case you still don't understand, my hopes being that the Saints beat the Colts in a high scoring game.)

That will be my last major blog, until you get to see me pick each and every game of the NCAA tournament, Rounds of 64 to the National Championship c. March 14th.

Post Script: I didn't get back to Rex Ryan because I was sick of typing, but I will get it done sooner or later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Up to Speed

My gym teacher was just on SportsCenter from highlights of a high school basketball game where he Tee'd up one of the coaches.

As Joe Walsh said: "Life's been good to me."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Well, now that the Patriots got crushed, you can read my non-biased sports picks for once.

They will be made in chronological order:

(4) Arizona @ (1) New Orleans

After watching Arizona put up 51, one would think it would be easy to pick the Cardinals. However, they also gave up 45. Against an offense not as potent as New Orleans. New Orleans has been slumping lately, but they pull this one out.

Saints 45-31

(6) Baltimore @ (1) Indianapolis

The Ravens looked unbelievable against the Patriots this weekend. All be it, they only had one decent quarter. And Indy has the best record in the NFL. However, it will have been a month since the starters have played a full game. Baltimore advances to the Conference finals for the second year in a row as a 6 seed.

Low scoring, the Ravens take it 17-10


(3) Dallas @ (2) Minnesota

This is perhaps best written in rhyme scheme:

Well Brett Favre is ol'
And the Cowboys are on a roll
But just their luck
Alas, "America's Team" will suck.

Vikings, 31-17

Finally, (5) New York Jets @ (2) San Diego

The Jets got lucky on their way to the playoffs, but they're as hot as anyone. The Chargers have won eleven in a row. This will be closer than most expect, but because I hate Rex Ryan's cocky attitude so much, I pick the Chargers

"Go Chargers, Go!"-Arnold Schwarzeneger, 24-21

We'll recap next week, and make my Conference Championship picks

Friday, November 27, 2009

Halladay Trade in the Making

As all 3 of us know, the Red Sox and the Yankees (who will get as much praise as a Sox fan can give them, by me saluting 99 year-old recently retired Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard, who in his first game, introduced 8 Hall-of-Famers, and Dom Dimaggio as his first introduction) are in a competition to acquire Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays.

As half of my avid two readers know (thanks to one not showing up on Thanksgiving, even though he said he would...*jackass*...and we bought you a card.) Alex Gonzalez was recently signed to a short-term deal by the very same team shopping for Halladay. Now in my non-expert, very biased opinion, this is an extension of the trade for Halladay, who I believe the Red Sox will get. (Part of this is bias, the other part is believing, even though they are Canadian, the Jays can't be stupid enough to dig that big a grave for everyone in the division by letting the Yankees have Halladay, along with Sabathia and Burnett)

Anyway, I believe the Gonzalez signing was part of the awaiting acquisition of Halladay. Earlier this season the Red Sox wanted Halladay, but were not willing to give what the Jays wanted. Obviously Buchholz is/will be involved, and others too. The Red Sox could not reach a deal with Gonzalez, and he looked good in his second stint in Boston. Maybe the Sox really didn't want to sign him, or maybe they told him to sign with Toronto, who knows? I truly believe that this was the first step in Halladay's one-way ticket to Fenway Park.

Also, To the Thanksgiving skipping jackass:

As I discussed with Uncle Richard, and you would know if you showed up, I was watching my favorite morning show, Mike and Mike, and they were discussing the NL Cy Young voting. One voter didn't vote for Carpenter at all, and gave Javier Vazquez a third place vote. This, the two Mike's said, was because the voter was making his decision based on metrics, such as WAR and VORP. So I hope your happy, jackass, because one writer in Seattle is listening to you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ah, Football at it's finest

Quick Update:

Went to the Patriots game yesterday, won 59-0

Had a JV game today against Springfield, won 57-0

Two games, 24 hours, 116-0

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse

Well the world of sports is offering us an Apocalypse that might just be the real Apocalypse and not a phony one...let's check things out:

In the world of Baseball, in a freaky turn of events, the Angels swept the Red Sox out of the playoffs, or for that matter the Angels beat the Red Sox in a series, or for that matter, the Angels won a game against the Red Sox in the playoffs!

In Hockey, the Bruins actually have a losing record, and just last night the Calgary Flames came back from a 5-0 deficit to win in overtime!!

And since the NBA is starting up soon, lets go there. Rasheed Wallace think the Celtics could break the Bulls record of 72 wins!!!

And finally to the NFL, where the Patriots are only 3-2, Tom Brady has less than 10 Touchdown passes 5 weeks in, and the Broncos decided it was necessary to bring back the most hideous uniforms in Sports history!!!! Oh yeah, and they're also 5-0.

So as you can see here, the world of sports has correctly indicated the end is soon to come.

And for further proof, the Nation is actually talking about US Soccer and its chances in the 2010 World Cup.