Sunday, February 7, 2010

Summing up the NFL Season before XLIV

"God I hate Brett Favre. Biggest. Attention whore. Ever. Shut up and go away, you sub-average quarterback. Last year you were handily outplayed by Seneca Wallace.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, you do realize that Houston is totally going to screw you over here, right? I do. I picked Matt Schaub for my fantasy team, and am just waiting for him to break. It's coming. Otherwise, I don't know all that much about football, so I guess I'll trust you. This time"

This was said by none other than Mike Hollar. This just proves his last statement that he doesn't know all that much about football. Brett Favre was anything but sub-average this season, leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship. And Matt Schaub probably propelled you into the top of your league. While Houston didn't make the playoffs, they recorded the franchises first winning record, and were a Indianapolis or Cincinnati non-surrender against the Jets from making the playoffs as the six seed, as I predicted. That being said, we will assume that Houston was in fact the six seed and the Jets and @sshole Rex Ryan (this will likely be referred to later) didn't make the playoffs.

This season featured a host of things that can not be forgotten. It starts off with practically everyone's favorite (including the genius typing) the Patriots at 2-2. No one was quite sure. I however, bitched about it all season, saying they have no secondary, and have a terrible third down defense. It got to the point where I couldn't watch them on defense anymore.

There is the story book run of the Saints that is still alive. Drew Brees leading his monstrous offense into the Super Bowl. The Jets coming from nowhere and shocking the world, advancing to the AFC Championship.

Records were set. Feats were achieved. Chris Johnson hit 2,000. Kudos. Josh Cribbs returned two kickoffs in one game. Congrats. Jerome Harrison was ten yards shy of Adrian Peterson's record of 296 rushing yards in one game. Here's your prize, some oxygen. Wes Welker received 100 Tom Brady passes again for the third straight year. Sorry:

Unfortunately that same Wes Welker, suffered a serious injury, and is questionable for the start of NEXT season:

Then, the playoffs came around.

Here I would like to note my preseason predictions. In the NFC I picked Atlanta, Minnesota, Seattle, Philadelphia, and as Wild Cards New Orleans and the Giants. Three teams right in the Vikings, Eagles, and Saints. Three big disappointments in the Falcons, Seahawks, and Giants.

In the AFC I had New England, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Indianapolis, Miami, and Houston. Three right in the Patriots, the Chargers, and the Colts. Two wrong in the Steelers and the Dolphins. And one BS which I am calling right in the Texans. Overall, 7 for 12 on playoff teams.

The Wild Card Round was full of shocks and good games as the Jets steamrolled the Bengals, the Cowboys got of the snide and beat the Eagles, Baltimore shocked New England (to my dismay), and in what I find to be the game of the postseason, maybe year (over Vikings-Saints), the Cardinals won on a fluke play over the Packers, 51-45 in OT.

Going into the Divisional Round, I had 1 correct team, the Colts, in the AFC, and 2, New Orleans and Minnesota (who unfortunately I had against each other), in the NFC. The Vikings took care of the Cowboys, and the Colts had no problem with the Ravens. New Orleans drubbed Arizona. And in one of the most shocking Cinderella stories, the Jets squeaked by the Chargers.

Heading into Conference Championship weekend, many remember that the last time he played in it, he dropped 81. No not Peyton, but Kobe, against the Raptors. This Conference Championship weekend, he played the Raptors. However he disappointed me, much like my picks.

Zero in the AFC, and just the Saints in the NFC. Indianapolis ended New York's storybook run, and Brett Favre fell just short again, leading me to believe a retirement is in the future, only to come out of it and join the 49ers.

That brings us to today, a match up that has most of the country excited. The two teams who went 13-0 and 14-0, the Saints and Colts respectively. I had neither team here, but instead the Pats and Falcons. Good picks, huh? Well, my picks are generally wrong. So here it is, in hopes that the Saints win, INDIANAPOLIS 3, NEW ORLEANS 2. (this, in case you still don't understand, my hopes being that the Saints beat the Colts in a high scoring game.)

That will be my last major blog, until you get to see me pick each and every game of the NCAA tournament, Rounds of 64 to the National Championship c. March 14th.

Post Script: I didn't get back to Rex Ryan because I was sick of typing, but I will get it done sooner or later.


  1. See, I love Rexy, but that's mostly (completely) because of the persona created for him at KSK, not because of anything he actually did. And while I still no nothing about football (In spite of which, I did pull down the #1 seed in my fantasy league before getting thoroughly waxed in the playoffs), I'd like it noted that the Vikings season ended in large part because Brett Favre threw one of the most idiotic passes I have ever seen attempted, the sort of pass that a pee-wee QB wouldn't be stupid enough to attempt.

    Is it time for baseball season yet?

  2. I will agree with you, that was one of the worst passes I've ever seen