Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mission: World Series, 2010

Spring is in the air, and that means that for the annual swing-and-miss baseball predictions (pun unintended, but looks good there). Run down through the divisions, regular season awards, made-up awards, then postseason predictions.

National League:

To be honest, I have no idea about this division whatsoever. Why should I care about the opposite league on the opposite coast. I'm picking the Giants because they have Tim Lincecum.
2. Colorado
3. Los Angeles
4. Arizona
5. Padres.

Yeah, I did pick Pittsburgh to come out as the wild card last year, but that mistake won't happen again. I also picked the Cubs to win the division. I'm picking the modest Reds because...well I've learned that nothing good ever happens for the Cubs.
2. St Louis
3. Milwaukee
4. Chicago
5. Pittsburgh, not last!
6. Houston

This division has had the National League representative come out of it twice in the last two years, and both times it was the Phillies. They've only gotten better by adding Roy Halladay, so there is no reason they can't make it again, winning the division by at least 5 games.
2. Florida
3. Atlanta
4. Washington gets over the fifth place hump
5. The Mets: Take That

Colorado, Saint Louis, and Florida grind it out for the Wild Card, but Hanley Ramirez is to much, and puts the Marlins in the postseason.

American League:

The Mariners have quietly been getting better, and the addition of Cliff Lee could put them over the top. However, the Angels, like always will have a strangle hold on the division. Angels by 3 games.
2. Seattle
3. Texas
4. Oakland

I really hope Kansas City manages to finally do something, because I'm sick of hearing how bad they are, plus Zach Greinke is too good to be on a terrible team for his entire career. Minnesota wins the division.
2. Detroit
3. Chicago (OZZY)
4. Kansas City (see, they managed to not be last)
5. Cleveland

And now to the creme de la creme, the best division in baseball, the UEFA Champions League of baseball (I went there), the only division anyone reading this cares about: the East:

The Red Sox added a lot of unsung talent this offseason, look for Marco Scutaro and Adrian Beltre to thrive. The Yankees didn't do much, but hey, as World Series Champs, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (that sentence did break the Guinness world record for most commas). Toronto lost Roy Halladay, Toronto lost any unrealistic chance. Baltimore is Baltimore. And a lot of people like the Rays because of Longoria and Price. Here's the deal: Longoria, fine, but a young pitcher on a mediocre team, in a division with the best two teams in baseball, the best division overall, spells trouble. I realistically see both the Red Sox and the Yankees winning 100 games this season, but in the end the Sox pitching, defense, and writer's bias gets it done.
2. New York
3. Tampa Bay
4. Toronto
5. Baltimore

Wild Card: Like I said, the Yankees could still win 100

Regular Season Awards:
Skipping ROY because I can't think of any rookies.

AL: Francona
NL: Dusty Baker, CIN

Cy Young
NL: Roy Halladay
AL: Cliff Lee
(no coincidence)

NL: Hanley Ramirez
AL: Mauer repeats

The Made-Up Awards
Best Name: Elvis Andrus
Most Injury Prone: Rafael Furcal; Yeah! He is still playing!
Surprise Player: Marco Scutaro
Most Likely to Leave Red Sox due to Mother buying a shirt: Jacoby Ellsbury (I'll do everything in my power)

Post Season:

National League Division Series:
(E)PHI vs. (C) CIN: Philly is way too good, easy 3 game sweep
(W)SF vs. (WC)FLA: It isn't hard to make it out of the West, it isn't good; The East is. FLA in 5

American League Division Series:
(E)BOS vs. (W)LAA: Yeah, it is happening again. Sox return to sweeping the Angels
(C)MIN vs. (WC)NYY: The Yankees are too good, and the Central isn't (kinda like the NL West) Yankees sweep as well.

Both LCS' are division foes:

National League Championship Series:
(E)PHI vs. (WC)FLA: The NL East sends a team from their league to the World Series, it's just a different team this time. The illustrious reign is over, Florida in 7.

American League Championship Series:
(E)BOS vs. (WC)NYY: One of the greatest playoff series of all time. Bottom of the ninth, Game 7, 5-5 tie, runner on second: Scutaro knocks in the game winning run! Yeah I'm riding the back of Scutaro. Wanna fight?

So here we are, the 2010 World Series, the Marlins for the first time since '03, look to stay perfect in franchise history in the Series. The Red Sox look for #3 in 7 years, and #8 overall. They sure as hell get it done, with Beckett shutting down his old team in Game 5.

World Series MVP: Marco Scutaro, of course.
Side note: AL wins All-Star Game again to claim home-field.

So there you have it, my MLB season predictions. Comments, Questions accepted. Now looking forward to the picks of my good cousin.


  1. Your blog is alive! Yeah, mine are coming up. Bold on the Reds, and I like it. I just think you're a year too soon. Though all bets on the team's future are off once Dusty detaches Chapman's arm at the shoulder after having him throw 250+ pitches in ten straight games 'for the hell of it'. Also, are you aware that Cliff Lee is currently injured? Furthermore, I approve of your bias, and plan to have a bit of it in my season preview as well.

    Finally, nice useless tag.

  2. Happy useless Ellsbury shirt presents, please! I think we all should visit Amy and check out this new, big red machine. Comeback player of the year? Sounds like Mike Lowell to me (playing a full-season combination of 1st, 3rd, DH and 3rd base coach)

  3. Ben, you should resume blogging...