Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse

Well the world of sports is offering us an Apocalypse that might just be the real Apocalypse and not a phony one...let's check things out:

In the world of Baseball, in a freaky turn of events, the Angels swept the Red Sox out of the playoffs, or for that matter the Angels beat the Red Sox in a series, or for that matter, the Angels won a game against the Red Sox in the playoffs!

In Hockey, the Bruins actually have a losing record, and just last night the Calgary Flames came back from a 5-0 deficit to win in overtime!!

And since the NBA is starting up soon, lets go there. Rasheed Wallace think the Celtics could break the Bulls record of 72 wins!!!

And finally to the NFL, where the Patriots are only 3-2, Tom Brady has less than 10 Touchdown passes 5 weeks in, and the Broncos decided it was necessary to bring back the most hideous uniforms in Sports history!!!! Oh yeah, and they're also 5-0.

So as you can see here, the world of sports has correctly indicated the end is soon to come.

And for further proof, the Nation is actually talking about US Soccer and its chances in the 2010 World Cup.


  1. Did the Titans really have the best record in the AFC last season? I think the Apocalypse swallowed Tennessee during the off-season...