Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Well, now that the Patriots got crushed, you can read my non-biased sports picks for once.

They will be made in chronological order:

(4) Arizona @ (1) New Orleans

After watching Arizona put up 51, one would think it would be easy to pick the Cardinals. However, they also gave up 45. Against an offense not as potent as New Orleans. New Orleans has been slumping lately, but they pull this one out.

Saints 45-31

(6) Baltimore @ (1) Indianapolis

The Ravens looked unbelievable against the Patriots this weekend. All be it, they only had one decent quarter. And Indy has the best record in the NFL. However, it will have been a month since the starters have played a full game. Baltimore advances to the Conference finals for the second year in a row as a 6 seed.

Low scoring, the Ravens take it 17-10


(3) Dallas @ (2) Minnesota

This is perhaps best written in rhyme scheme:

Well Brett Favre is ol'
And the Cowboys are on a roll
But just their luck
Alas, "America's Team" will suck.

Vikings, 31-17

Finally, (5) New York Jets @ (2) San Diego

The Jets got lucky on their way to the playoffs, but they're as hot as anyone. The Chargers have won eleven in a row. This will be closer than most expect, but because I hate Rex Ryan's cocky attitude so much, I pick the Chargers

"Go Chargers, Go!"-Arnold Schwarzeneger, 24-21

We'll recap next week, and make my Conference Championship picks

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