Thursday, April 30, 2009

NHL Conference Semi Finals

Rapidly rising as one of my favorite sports, I sit here to discuss the Conference Semis, or the Quarterfinals. Many people don't care about hockey, that's fine, you don't have to. However, people throw it on the chopping block before giving it a chance. I've watched on TV, and attended a game, each of the four major sporting events. Hockey is by far, the best for both of these. Even if you are sitting at home, you feel the energy in the building. I'm not saying hockey is my favorite sport, because it's not, but it is on a rapid rise. Just give it a chance, look to see if there are any games in your network. Let's break down these games.

Western Conference:

(2) Detroit vs. (8) Anaheim

Detroit is experienced. So is Anaheim. These teams have combined for the last two Stanley Cups. Expect a game or two go into overtime. I think penalties late will be a teams downfall. The teams have good defenses, but not great offense, which would look like a highly defensive series. However, both goalies have been struggling as of late. It could be a high scoring series, or a low one. Bottom Line, the Red Wings are too good, winning in six.

(3) Vancouver vs. (4) Chicago

Can you hear it? Me neither. This serious doesn't look to exciting, even though it might be a long one. Chicago wants a championship, they don't seem to get them anymore, after all, the Cubs seem hopeless, the Bears don't look great, and the Bulls face elimination tonight. I honestly find this the least interesting of the four series. The team with home ice is going to be thankful for it in the end. Bottom Line, the Canucks get lucky for the home ice, win in seven.

Eastern Conference

(2) Washington vs. (4) Pittsburgh

Great series. Period. It is always exciting to see Ovechking, Crosby, and Malkin go at it. This is going to be a highly offensive series. This will be the best of the bunch. Washington will have a lot of fire power after rebounding from what looked like a dismal end to a great season, being down 3-1 to the Rangers. Pittsburgh took care of Philly handily, even though it went six. The rest should be key for the Penguins. Bottom Line, Penguins take it in six.

(1) Boston vs. (6) Carolina

The series I will pay most attention to, solely because I'm a Bruins fan. In all honesty, it will be pretty boring. The Bruins were 4-0-0 against the Canes. They outscored them 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 goals a game in the regular season. The Bruins have the penalty kill going for them. Tim Thomas is on fire, and Carolina is lucky to be alive. Offensive fire power is sure to happen between Krejci, Kessel, and Ryder. I would love to take them in a sweep, but it is a little to bias. Bottom Line, the Bruins are rolling on all cylinders, and roll into the Conference Finals, winning in five games.

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