Monday, May 11, 2009

Really Boston, Really?!

As I sat watching the Bruins-Hurricanes game 5 last night, I realized the game was over at 3-0 and was losing interest. In the middle of the 2nd period my interest was waning, knowing that the Bruins were going to stay alive and force a game 6. I started juggling between a close Red Sox game, a close Celtics game, and a blowout of a hockey game. While on the Versus network I heard something in the background of the garden that I couldn't believe.

I heard it again and almost threw something. You possibly may have heard it too. It goes like this..."B-B-B-Benny and the Jets......Benny! Benny!" Really?!??!?!!? In the most barbaric of sports we have a song playing sung by arguably the gayest singer of the 20th century.

I have no problem with gay people. I really don't. My old principal was gay, and he was the greatest person I knew in the world. But at a hockey game? Really? Did this slip by somebody? Was it a bet? Different songs are always played during stoppages, and most are hard rock. Dropkick Murphy's, AC/DC, Aerosmith,......and Elton John?? Really????

I started thinking of what was the motive behind this. The Bruins don't have a player named Ben, so what the hell? Did they think a little Elton John would be uplifting? Don't get me wrong, I like Elton John's music, as a matter of fact Levon is one of my favorite songs, but how did this happen? Elton John doesn't get anyone pumped.

Then I started thinking about the people who would be pissed about this. Well the game was on Versus, a nationaly broadcasted channel. This means that people in Carolina are hearing this. Let's be honest, the South hasn't been real accepting of the whole gay thing. As if it wasn't bad enough that there team was playing awful this game, they have to listen to a guy who they probably are not real tolerant of. Somewhere in Raliegh, cars are still being turned over and lit on fire.

Who the hell was behind this?? Honestly, how did this happen? I guess it is all part of this accepting "Philladelphia Freedom" society. I'm preplexed and all I can ask is "What the hell, Boston?"


  1. If you want some real fun, listen to the live Beastie Boys cover of Benny and the Jets with Biz Markie on vocals. If that doesn't get you pumped up, nothing will.

  2. Also, any time you want to turn off word verification on the comments is fine with me. I promise I'm not a computer. 01000011100101.

  3. So, Tiny Tim was singing Elton John at a Bruins game? Biz Markie, Mike? Where can I find it? Now there's a guy who can croon a tune!

  4. Wasn't Claude Julien's nickname "Bennie" when he was a player?

  5. Hey, and try listening to "Rocket Man" and tell me it doesn't pump you up. Unless Tiny Tim is singing it...

  6. I'll try to find the video (Or at least the audio) and throw it up on the blog. It is awesome.