Friday, May 22, 2009

The Vick Chronicles

After a weeks grounding, I want to get back in the swing of things on this blog. As most everyone knows by know, Michael Vick was released from a federal prison Wednesday, and now must serve two months house confinement in Virginia. He will work part time in a construction business (talk about a wierd employee-employer relationship).

After his home confinement, he will learn whether he is to rejoin the NFL or not. Ah, sweet justice. A man serves two years for brutally harming dogs, and will be reinstated, while Caleb Campell, a linebacker from Army, is currently fighting for our country, and will likely not be able to be stable enough to play for the Lions when he returns from the Middle East (hey, people are traumatized by the Lions playing for them anyway).

I despise Michael Vick as a human being. As a football player, there is very few better. Don't get me wrong. What he did is wrong. There is no way around it, no silver lining. He is a felon by all means of the word. I'm no PETA freak, but please Commish, just say no to him. It is never going to happen. There is simply no justice in the world. The NFL wants ratings, and Vick will get them it, felon or not. Simply no justice.

The other thing that worries me is the possibility of him becoming a Patriot. Don't shoot this down. He is the kind of guy on the field that the Pats want. They were interested in Steve Slaton for the much popular Wildcat offense, and this guy is ten times better than Slaton will ever be. The Patriots can handle any disciplinary cause. Corey Dillon, Randy Moss. In fact, the city of Boston has that effect. Stephon Marbury. You could bring Sean Avery to the Bruins (God forbid), and he would clean his act up right away.

I would hate to see Vick donning a Pat Patriot helmet this year (yes, the Pats are one of eight AFC teams wearing throwbacks this year). However, here is the thing: he is what Bob Kraft needs right now. The passing game will only work for so long. Bellichek could straighten him out in one day. But the idea of Michael Vick in a Patriots uniform, well that just makes me dog gone sick.

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  1. Ben, from start to finish a truly horrifying posting. #1-you were grounded? What did you do?
    #2-Michael Vick a Patriot? NO!!! #3-The return of Pat Patriot? Just say "No!" New England. #4-can T.O. be far behind? AARGH! #5-Stephon Marbury on the Celtics? Say it isn't so! #6-Sean Avery as a Bruin? Bite your tongue! (The ex-girlfriend section of the stands would be interesting...)