Monday, August 3, 2009

A Salute To A Great Career with the Red Sox

Some people were thrilled this past Friday when the Red Sox picked up Victor Martinez. I was among those people. Victor Martinez is an investment that will lead the Red Sox to the divisional crown. However people weren't thrilled with trading away Brian Pryce, Nick Hagadone (the best last name in history as far as I am concerned), and the ever awesome Justin Masterson. Here is my salute to Justin in a mediocre paragraph.

Justin, it's been a great ride. You never really did anything exceptional, but who doesn't love a guy that reminds you vividly of Brian Scalabrine. Tall, and white, all I could think about was Scals as you stepped on the mound. Also, I give a tip of the hat to you for the shaved head and high red socks. Come on, who doesn't love the high socks. But a wag of the finger goes out to you for wearing that hideous teal polo shirt in the dugout the game after you got traded. Probably the worst shirt I've ever seen. Done.

If you thought that was the whole blog, you are simply crazy. Sure everyone loved him, but nobody cares that he is gone. The true pain is watching the long tenured, forever loved Adam LaRoche. We will forever remember you, and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. You were here for a week, and hit one home run. We can never forget how great a player and teammate you were. I sit here typing this blog, crying to REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Lovin' You", thinking about the great times you gave us in a Sox uniform. You were by far the hardest player to accept gone on that July afternoon. None of us will ever forget that great goatee, or Don Orsillo mispronouncing your last name every single time. So here is to you, a great career in Boston, and an extrodinary person.

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